Platelet-Rich Fibrin Treatments


Plump it up with the subtle, restoring effects of PRF

This all-natural solution uses the power of your own blood cells to treat signs of aging or to help with hair restoration. Using your blood cell’s natural healing factors, it speeds up cell regeneration to improve eye pigmentation, build collagen, and strengthen elastin. Hello, Lovely!

What is Platelet Rich Fibrin (PRF) used for?

  • Fill under-eye hollows
  • Treat under-eye loose skin and dark circles
  • Plump hollow-looking cheeks
  • Reduce hair loss

Wondering how PRF works?

We’ve got you, gorgeous! Here’s a quick rundown:

  1. After drawing a small amount of your blood, we treat it with a Fibrin Matrix to extract
    your natural blood platelets.
  2. We inject it into your area of concern.
  3. This triggers a controlled inflammatory response in your skin, which fires up new cell
    growth and collagen production.
  4. A series of bi-monthly treatments is recommended. Results last about 6-12 months.

Benefits of PRF

  • Efficient collagen production
  • Fast healing time
  • Minimal adverse effects because it doesn’t use synthetic fillers and materials

Treatments start at $700

Frequently Asked PRF Questions

PRF (Platelet-Rich Fibrin) and PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma) both use platelets from your own blood to encourage healing, but there are several differences. Most importantly, PRF involves adding a Fibrin Matrix to the blood platelets, which gradually releases growth factors over time. This creates a longer-lasting effect.
PRF rarely causes any significant side effects. You might notice some soreness and bruising.
Treatments start at $700.

We usually recommend a series of treatments 6-8 weeks apart. Most patients see
results six weeks after their first treatment.

PRF effects typically last 6-12 months.

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