You’ve got Botox questions. I’ve got answers.

I do! I offer free in-person or virtual consults, which are typically about 30 minutes. We can discuss options for botox and other procedures. If applicable, I’ll also cover procedures I don’t perform and refer you to a professional who does. You can book a free consult here.

When done properly using FDA approved protocols, Botox is incredibly safe.

It is important to make sure you go to someone who has undergone the proper training and keeps up with the latest education. You can’t just stick a needle in someone and call it a day! Improper practices can cause muscle paralysis.

As a physician and surgeon, safety is my highest priority. I’m dedicated to staying on top of the latest training and advancements in Botox and other aesthetic injections. I will never take shortcuts that sacrifice safety. As part of this, my process involves thorough exams of your facial muscles to ensure we’re targeting the right ones at exactly the right spot.

When done properly, the side effects are minimal. You may experience a little stinging and burning at the injection site or a mild headache. This wears off within a couple hours. Many people don’t feel any side effects at all.

Everyone’s pain tolerance is incredibly different but every patient I’ve had says their Botox “barely hurt.” It’s common to feel slight stinging at the injection site which can be reduced with ice and fades within a couple hours.

Here are the typical amount of units required by treatment area:

Forehead: 18–24 units
Crow’s Feet: 18–24 units
Frown Lines: 20–24 units
Neck Botox: 20–50 units
Masseter Botox: 20–50 units

Botox is $14/unit.

This price takes into account both the cost of the substances and the extensive training I maintain to ensure safety and effectiveness.

In general, Botox lasts 3-4 months. In some patients it lasts longer, while others’ effects might wear off a bit sooner. It’s also common for the results from your very first dosage to not last quite as long as your following treatments.

Absolutely! Botox is an incredibly effective way to prevent wrinkles, which is why I always recommend it as a preventive treatment. By relaxing the muscles that can crease your skin (and even training them to behave differently), you’re preventing lines from deepening or forming in the first place.

Not if I have anything to do with it! I prioritize a natural look and you’ll find the results are very subtle. You’ll look exactly like yourself, just fresher. Often, when someone looks frozen, that’s because of poorly placed filler, not Botox.

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