Kybella Double Chin Treatment

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What is Kybella used for?

It may sound too good to be true, but fat-dissolving injections can prove effective in the removal of excess fat! Our Kybella fat-dissolving injections target stubborn pockets of fat using active ingredient deoxycholic acid for long lasting results that leave your chin and jawline defined and sharp.

How does Kybella work?

Fat dissolving injections are incredible compounds that work to break down the membranes of the fat cells beneath the skin that are typically resistant to exercise using an active ingredient called deoxycholic acid. Deoxycholic acid works by disrupting fat cells, in turn making them unstable. These cells then begin to break down and flush out through the body via the lymphatic system. This treatment can be permanent as part of a healthy lifestyle. Commonly used to treat submental fat (double chin) or fat around the jawline and jowls, fat dissolving injections can give dramatic results to help recontour the face. The ideal candidate for fat dissolving are those that have attempted a strict gym routine or balanced diet with little to no results. As well as those who have achieved significant weight loss but can not shift small stubborn pockets of fat.

How does the procedure work?

Usin fat dissolving product, Kybella, our doctors and nurses inject small amounts of deoxycholic acid, the active ingredient in Kybella, under the chin area with micro-fine needles. This procedure lasts up to 45 minutes and is relatively painless. There is swelling for up to two-three weeks after fat dissolving injections which is a common side effect of the treatment and a sign of the fat cells disrupting and flushing through the body. Fat dissolving injections are a great alternative to surgery as it works naturally with the body and is a great solution for those interested in fat reduction that has long lasting results on localized pockets of fat.

Treatments start at $600

Frequently Asked Kybella Questions

Some mild discomfort may occur during treatment application due to the nature of this being an injectable treatment. We apply a Topical anesthetic to help with pain management should this be required.

Fat dissolving injections work by causing an inflammatory reaction, a therefore you may experience some swelling for up to 5 days post treatment. This is usually mild, and can be controlled using cool pads. D to how the treatment works, you should not manage any side effects wit anti inflammatory medicines as this will be counter intuitive to the treatment.

Typically 1-3 treatments will be required to achieve your desired result, b this will be discussed in your pre-treatment consultation along with you expectations. This treatment has a high patient satisfaction rate. We will only treat patients who are within 1 stone of their ideal body weight and around 3cm of pinchable fat, as this treatment is not intended as a weig loss solution.

You can expect it to take approx 2-3 weeks before you start to see a reduction in fatty deposits around the chin and jawline, giving a slimmer and less wobbly appearance to the face, helping to eliminate double chins. For larger areas, you will begin to notice the effects after 2-3 weeks, but should allow up to 8 weeks for the final result to be apparent.

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